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Building tables and shelves

I’ve spent the last two visits building tables and shelves and creating a wing mount that will let me securely finish up the wings.

On Sunday afternoon, I met Eric’s dad, Vaynis (sp?), who’s partners in Eric’s Cardinal project.

Diane and Ben came up last night and helped me get the wings off the floor and into the brackets. I need to come up with a more secure mount to some point…

(P.S. I found the missing pieces I referred to a couple of days ago and built out a few more shelving units.)

IMG_0925  IMG_0922



Met hangar neighbor Eric last night…he had a neat backstory about his Cardinal restoration and his dad. Looking at the inside of his 177 I got a sense of what I’m in for once I start into the fuselage.

Aside from that, I only puttered around last night: replaced a couple of burned-out light bulbs and built a shelving unit. Oddly, I can’t seem to find about 5 cross-pieces from the shelves that I used in the old hangar. There’s nowhere they could have gone, and the rest are here, but I can’t find them in all the stuff. Weird.

A little cleaning up…

After the Big Move, I spent 45 minutes last night moving things around and doing general organizing. I’m not sure if I know what the final arrangement will be, but I know “a big pile of crap” wasn’t it.

Img_0916_640x480 Img_0920_640x480

Back in the hangar again!

After 6 long years, and my poor project packed into a stirage unit, my name rose to the top of the hangar wait list last week. I spent the weekend re-situating the project into the hangar. Spent about 10 hours in total, but the storage unit is EMPTY and the hangar is (not quite) FULL!

Pictures soon, once I get things cleaned up, shelves assembled, etc.

Next step: inventorying the project!



Right tank done

After numerous attempts (nearly all leaks were through the fuel cap) the right tank has held air for 3 days w/o balloon leakage! I’m pronouncing this war won and moving on.


Holy baffle, batman!

Yes, a hole appeared in the baffle…I coated the inside seams of the outboard rib with proseal. Re-riveted the baffle (it was being held together with clecos) and balloon tested…

Leak at the BNC connector for the resistance fuel gauge. Popped off the access panel on the inboard rib (it was held on with aviation gasket sealant) and smeared the backside of the BNC connector.

Finally, sealed up the tank with the allen screws Id bought from Grainger, and let the proseal set.

Testing today or tomorrow…